The Fragrance Collection

The Fragrance Collection is a series of special fragrances that we have found in hope to inspire and bring you joy. We offer you three sophisticated alternatives in a world dominated by aggressive synthetic scents, all made by YVRA, fragrance house from Amsterdam.


Traveling the globe as a lifestyle journalist, Yvo van Regteren Altena met perfume virtuosi, the world’s great ‘noses’, and was privileged to unlock the secrets behind spellbinding scents. His knowledge and passion resulted in his first creation: YVRA 1958.

Photo: YVRA
YVRA 1958 L'Essence de L'Essence
L'Essence de L'Essence is reminiscent of the classic, transparent Eau de Colognes, that dominated the sixties and seventies of the last century. But YVRA 1958 is more aromatic, vibrant and longer-lasting than a classic citrus fragrance. Ideal for summer vacations in Mediterranean or lazy summer days in the office.

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Photo: YVRA
YVRA 1979 L'Essence de Présence
L'Essence de Présence is reminiscent of the classic perfumes with a European flair, that dominated the end of the last century. It’s a woody, mysterious and sophisticated fragrance with 
a long-lasting capacity. Ideal for summer cocktail nights or long dinner dates during fall and winter. The fragrance is Yvo's dreamy reflection of the year 1979 when he lived in Florence.

Collage: YVRA

Photo: YVRA
YVRA 1965 L’Essence de Flamboyance
L’Essence de Flamboyance in honour of Porfirio Rubirosa, is a seductive fragrance dedicated to the most famous playboy of the 20th century. A jet-set pioneer, charmer, race car driver and talented polo player, Rubirosa executed a sense of danger, romance and adventure. Sophisticated, refined and very distinctive, this fragrance is ideal for black tie events throughout the year.

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Regardless of where and how you use these fragrances, you will always find inspiration to good life, leisure and pleasure — Unlock your inner dandy with YVRA.