The Denim Shirt


What makes a great denim shirt
In our humble opinion, it is the the utility and character of denim that is both suitable for work, vacation and a dressy nights out. It is an American classic, worn by the legends such as Paul Newman, Marvin Gaye and Brad Pitt – and it will make you look confident, rugged and handsome, all at the same time.

Of course, we are not talking about the OG western shirt with patch pockets and snap-buttons but a contemporary, more dressier shirt in medium wash, with cutaway or button down collar, for maximum versatility.

Photo: Giampaolo Aliata

Just like our oxford cloth button down shirt, the cutaway denim shirt is designed in close collaboration with Vanacore Napoli, skilled artisans from Naples, Italy. Each shirt is made in nine hand made steps, with the superb fabric and fit, allowing everyone to enjoy the feeling of a tailored shirt at a great price point.

Dedicated to the master of cutaway collars, Giampaolo Alliata, who stands for elegance, class, knowledge, generosity and positivity, every detail of our denim shirt was made to ensure you're dressing in your best manner even when you travel, at work or during your day-off.


One Fabric, Two collars
The mid blue washed denim shirt is what all connoisseurs love. It has a smooth, luxurious touch, made in top quality Canclini fabric. This fabric is the ideal weight for all seasons, light enough to be comfortable, thick enough to add depth, texture, variety and visual interest to otherwise plain outfits.

Our denim shirt is meant to be worn both solo and under a blazer with or without a casual tie. When layered, the wide spread cutaway collar shirt will give you a relaxed look, with points that tuck under jacket lapels very well. This is exactly why we decided to offer same fit and fabric, in button down collar as well.

The Right Details
The fit is trim and sharp like a dress shirt, which means you can wear it tucked in with a suit, or rolled up and rumpled with chinos. The classic rounded shirt cuffs are perfectly tailored to accommodate watch. The buttons are brownish, Australian seashell buttons, to add some casual feeling.




How To Style
A mid blue washed shirt goes with everything, from grey flannel suit to off-white jeans and everything in between. Wear it on a Sunday morning, left a little rumpled with a few buttons undone and you’ll feel like a stylish, old Italian man sipping an espresso and smoking a cigar on the streets of Naples.

Best place to wear our denim shirts? We say hotel One&Only The Palm, in Dubai, UAE.

Photo: One&Only The Palm