The Button Down Shirt

Our ‘Gianni’ button down shirt is designed in close collaboration with Vanacore Napoli, skilled shirt artisans from Naples, Italy. Each shirt is made in nine hand made steps, with the superb fabrics and fit, allowing everyone to enjoy the feeling of a tailored shirt at a great price point.


We wanted to develop a versatile shirt model, that could be made in different fabrics and worn all four seasons. Inspired by the ultimate button-down aficionado, Gianni Agnelli, who mainly opted for unbuttoned button-down collars in white and blue shades, it had to be 
befitting for both the boardroom with suit and tie, as well as with open collar and casual trousers, at a restaurant in Capri.

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One Model, Two Fabrics
Early this year, we sat down with our craftsmen, to walk through all the details that would make a timeless and classic button down shirt with perfect collar roll and a contemporary fit.

After many months in the making, we are now pleased to introduce two of our developments — the classic white oxford cloth button down (OCBD) shirt, and a more daring, casual mid blue washed denim button down shirt.


The high quality white oxford cloth is made in world renowned Mileta fabric, offering both sturdiness and crease resistance. It is crisp white shirt, designed to be washed more often, hard-wearing and worn to mould around the body better. 

Along the lines of traditional white OCBD, we are also offering another version based on what all shirt connoisseurs love — the smooth, washed denim shirt, with luxurious touch, made in top quality Canclini fabric. Exactly the same shirt, except that we added different buttons, to give a casual finish to a soft denim touch.

The Right Details
The collar on both models is soft, unlined button down collar—designed to work with or without a tie. The fit is slim yet comfortable with classic rounded shirt cuffs, perfectly tailored to accommodate watch. Buttons on the oxford shirt are neither thick not slim 'mother of pearl' buttons, while the washed denim shirt has brownish, Australian seashell buttons.




How To Style
A crisp white shirt goes with everything. The high quality oxford cloth fabric, nine handmade details and a perfect fit and collar roll will quickly make it your favourite shirt.
 Look at Alain Delon during the filming of "Plein Soleil", 1960 for a casual ideas or L'Avvocato for that italian industrialist look.

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Where to wear our OCBD shirt? We say ristorante Hotel Grotta Palazzese, in Puglia, Italy.

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