Italian Craftsmanship With Classic Design

Illustration: Garetto

Valstar was born in Milan in 1911. It became known as the first Italian company to produce raincoats, but soon became famous also for its superior leather jackets. In over 105 years of history Valstar has always been able to add new designs while maintaining traditional tastes.

The brand epitomises the great tradition and passion with its made in Italy production, attention to quality and details, artisanal workings and continuous pursuit of excellence. Valstar is a unique and perfect mix of creating new things while continuously maintaining the tradition and the high quality.

Illustration: Garetto


Heritage is a key characteristic of Valstar, paying tribute to their Italian legacy, beautiful landscapes, historical cities, places of culture and masterpieces of art. All these aspects inspire the brand's products. Valstar combines tradition and hand-making skills with an updated style.

Following this philosophy they have developed capsule collections with Comme des Garcons, United Arrows and Michael Bastian to name a few. Furthermore the company continuously invest in researching new raw materials and new processes such as vegetable garment dyeing, laser cut etc.

The Valstarino

In 1935 Valstar gave birth to an icon. Valstarino suede jacket is the first, the authentic and the original sporty take on the A1 blouson worn by the US army fighter pilots during the World War. The A-1 suede bomber jacket is considered the forebear of all the other bomber jacket in all its many forms. That is the reason why the Valstarino is consider and icon that gave its name to a whole product category.

Photo: Valstar

The jacket is easily recognisable by the two front button flap pockets, by the knitted cuffs, waistband and stand up collar and by its horn buttons. As with all of Valstar creations, only the finest materials are used, which are then hand-cut and stitched to ensure a remarkable fit utilising more than 100 years of experience in exquisite design and craft.

The further worldwide recognition of Valstarino was the exhibition "99 Icone. Da Segno A Sogno" at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, where a Valstarino jacket was displayed alongside with other Italian design masterpieces, like the Fiat 500, the Vespa Piaggio, the Vanity Fair armchair by Poltrona Frau, the Red Dress by Valentino Garavani and others.

Illustration: Garetto

Handmade Process

Every Valstar garment is the result of a process that entails top-quality leather craftsmanship: the perfect sum-up of commitment to quality and made in Italy know-how, passed on from one generation to the next.

The first step is key, the result of a manual process that requires the utmost care: the cutter or the expert artisan who cuts by hand each garment - handpicks the required number of leathers by sorting them out by color, as each one of them, although they are dyed together, may come in a different shade due to the natural peculiarity of the row materials. After that he cuts 10 to 20 various pieces that will make up the garment.

Before the panels are assembled, special adhesive tape is applied on some of the leather sections that will make up the final garment, in particular over the seams, to hold the various pieces together. Subsequently, the pieces are sewn together. This operation requires 6 to 8 hours, depending on the jacket’s style. As a first step, the front and back of each garment are sewn separately and will be assembled together only at a later stage.

Illustration: Garetto

The next step entails adding all the details that make the garment unique. Like in all previous steps, also this stage requires the utmost attention and accurateness to guarantee the highest quality and durability. Finally, zippers or genuine horn buttons are applied. Once completed, the garment is pressed and then finished, or vice versa, depending on the jacket’s style.

Finally the jacket is ready for inspection, and will be delivered to retailers only after it has passed all the rigid quality control tests.

Once delivered to the finest boutiques, the jacket is ready to become the versatile wardrobe staple for the elegant, modern man.

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