Top Suede Sneakers That Go With Everything

Cover: Sweyd

From Common Projects to C.QP and Axel Arigato, luxury suede sneakers have become an essential element of every man’s wardrobe. Every sneaker featured on our list can become your go-to shoe for most outfits of the week, including cotton suits for summer parties or a pair of selvedge jeans and an overshirt for the Sunday street stroll.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most wearable sneakers on the market that you should consider picking up right now.

Sandays Wingfield Sedona Grey Sneaker
Sandays is a Swedish shoe brand founded in 2013. Sandays only uses high quality materials like Margom soles. Sandays produce their hand-made shoes in Civitanova in Italy. All shoes are made with fine Italian material & made by hand.

Photo: Sandays

Buttero Tanino Lead Grey Sneaker
Founded in 1974 by Mauro Sani, Buttero has in fact become known as producers of some of Italy's finest footwear. A true product of their region, the soul of Buttero lies in their Tuscan heritage, using vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather and handcrafting every piece in their Stabbia-based factory.

Photo: Jupiter

C.QP Tarmac Storm Grey Sneaker

C.QP was born from a passion for great design and a desire to create outstanding products of the highest quality. Everything branded C.QP is designed entirely in-house from the ground up and crafted without compromise. The Tarmacis their quarter top sneaker, with a properly constructed and supportive sole.

Photo: C.QP

Skolyx Light Grey Sneaker
Skolyx offers a wide range of shoes, shoe care products, clothing care products, and accessories from brands such as Yanko, TLB Mallorca, Saphir, Albert Thurston, Alan Paine as well as their own brand, Skolyx. This is a versatile sneaker that can be worn with everything from a pair of shorts to chinos and a navy blazer.

Photo: Skolyx

Myrqvist Oaxen Beige Sneaker
Starting with a Kickstarter in 2016, Myrqvist became the most funded fashion campaign in Sweden and in less than two years the product line has expanded, and their shoes have been sold all over the world. Oaxen in suede is a classic sneaker, stitched to a 3cm off-white rubber sole.

Photo: Myrqvist