Top Menswear Podcasts To Subscribe To Right Now

We are living in very challenging times of political instability, pandemic and also environmental pressures, but it's important we keep our minds and spirits engaged with other things such as men's style that can put us in a good mood when we want to escape the news channels.

Here we bring you our top picks, to tune into while working out, cooking your dinner or walking in the park. In addition to entertaining you, these podcasts will teach you a thing or two about the menswear history, its craft, business of clothing and accessories as well as how to travel in style. We sincerely hope you can find something on this list that will bring you joy and excitement!

Unbuttoned – G. Bruce Boyer's Life In Clothes
G. Bruce Boyer is the preeminent menswear journalist, writer and historian of our time. He has written six books on men's style and worked as an editor for Town & Country, GQ and Esquire. And while he's written about silk ascots, Savile Row suits, bespoke shoes and much more, he's never told his own story. Until now. Hosted by Pedro Mendes.

Photo: G. Bruce Boyer

HandCut Radio
Menswear matters. There’s a world of stylish men out there, and these are their stories. Join journalist Aleks Cvetkovic, as he explores the world of men’s style with industry insiders, menswear professionals and some of the most stylish men and women in the business.

Photo: Handcut Radio

Blamo! explores the world of fashion with the people who shape it; designers, creative directors, actors and athletes. Founder Jeremy Kirkland speaks with a different guest about their journey through their career and outlook on the future.

Photo: Blamo!

From Tailors With Love
A fortnightly show that highlights some of the fine costumes and tailoring you're likely to see in the movies. Presented to you by the editor of The Suits of James Bond, Matt Spaiser, and the host of Menswear Style Podcast, Pete Brooker.

Photo: From Tailors With Live

Dressing For Wellness
Inherent Clothier presents Dressing For Wellness, a podcast with the aim to break down the walls of mental health stigmas by hosting authentic and inspiring conversations with people in the menswear community.

Photo: Dressing For Wellness

Hodinkee Radio
Hodinkee Radio is a weekly podcast brought to you by HODINKEE – the world's preeminent resource for vintage and modern wristwatch enthusiasts.

Photo: Hodinkee

Shoegazing Podcast
In this podcast series Jesper Ingevaldsson of Shoegazing, one of the world's largest blogs on classic men's shoes, does in-depth interviews with various shoe people from all over the world, where each episode will focus on a specific topic related to the interviewee.

Photo: Shoegazing

The Innovators by Scandinavian MAN (defunct)
The Innovators was an interview show from Scandinavian MAN, featuring the most influential persons within global menswear scene. This podcast was hosted by editor-in-chief Konrad Olsson and is now defunct, but previous episodes are worth listening to over and over again.

Photo: WWD