The Xacus Principles

Since 1956, the basic principles of the Xacus philosophy have been quality, extensive research, innovation and unparalleled service, with respect for both the client and the market. These are the fundamental values that have never been forgotten.

Photo: Xacus

The History

Xacus was founded in 1956 in San Vito di Leguzzano, by Alberto Xoccato, 
who was a visionary craftsman and member of one of Veneto’s oldest families. It was here that
 he embarked on a journey of style and entrepreneurial tradition: interpreting, with the knowledgeable hands of ten expert dress makers from the area, the noble men’s shirt-making art.

In the 1970s, Xacus inaugurated its first industrial laboratory. While it continued to preserve the product’s original sartorial characteristics, it now began the transformation from an artisan workshop into one of the region’s most rapidly growing fashion companies which resulted in the exponential and significant expansion of its distribution network by the end of the decade.

Photo: Xacus

Photo: XacusPhoto: Xacus

Following further growth and consolidation, in the 1980s the founder’s two sons, Giorgio and Paolo Xoccato joined Xacus. A second phase of rapid production and commercial growth began, and after achieving substantial success domestically in the Italian market, Xacus started to expand internationally - first to North America and then to other key markets throughout the world.

In order to meet the growing demands of the marketplace, Xacus completely revamped its production and logistics capabilities in the 1990s to accommodate over 50 “shop in shop” within some of its best Italian and foreign retail clients.

In 2016, Xacus celebrated its 60th birthday, as a world leader in the men’s shirt sector with a distinguished international presence. Remaining firmly rooted in its tailoring tradition, the company has retained its distinct product characteristics to create a brand legacy synonymous with unique style, exclusive details, premium materials and precision accuracy throughout each phase of development from the initial design concept to final production.

Photo: Xacus

Black Label

Needle-sewn in the best English tradition: seven stitches per centimeter; the presence of fly and tailored leg, are just some of the elements making the "Black label" shirt stand out. Representing the maximum in wearability and quality terms using top value fabrics for a long-lasting item.

White Label

The shirt for the advanced consumer, that combines fashion contents, quality of fabrics and innovative processes. "White label" is a laboratory of the market’s most exclusive, innovative ideas, trends and proposals.

Travel Shirt

Xacus’ "Travel shirt" is designed to meet the needs of the more discerning traveller, thanks to the choice to use top-of-the-range organic Giza cotton to create an increasingly breathable, soft yarn with sheen and able to maintain its impeccable look without creasing from early in the morning through to the evening, so that you can feel smart and tidy, without sacrificing elegant style.


A shirt that takes care of its wearer’s health because it is made in fabrics that use technologies able to eliminate germs and microbes. The technology used in Viroformula™ fabrics was developed by Albini Group, together with Swiss company Heiq.

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