The Ultimate Guide To Dickie Greenleaf Lifestyle

No other film inspires summer vacation like The Talented Mr. Ripley (Matt Damon), with its effortlessly elegant execution of a summer style, embodied by Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law). The sartorial inspiration from this 1999 classic, needs no introduction and there are plenty of such guides. What we want to focus on, is the lifestyle itself - with beautiful sceneries, casual polos, jazz music, and that Italian swing. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Place
Most of the story takes place at the beaches of Mongibello – a fictitious resort, shot on two separate islands off Naples. Set against the idyllic landscape of Italy's cliffside town, this intoxicating tale of social climbing is seeing us into the sun-drenched season – both through setting and style. If you want to experience Mongibello, then visit the city of Positano wearing a fine Mediterranean summer wardrobe that has, sadly, all but vanished from modern-day beach resorts.

Photo: Gary Pepper

The Car
A masterclass in vacation style from The Talented Mr. Ripley can only be achieved with the right car. Dickie’s old school friend, Freddie Miles (Philip Seymour Hoffman) barrels into the film in an open-top sports car and embodies all the classic consequences of inherited wealth. The car, a 1955 Alpha Romeo Giulietta Spider, is an Italian beauty in itself. Today, an all-new Fiat 500 would do as well.

Photo: IMDB

The Polo
The most significant piece of cloth from this movie is a short-sleeved polo worn by Dickie Greenleaf. Jude Law's style selections in the movie reflect that context, with that neutral-hued knit faithfully embracing la dolce vita. Trim fit, short-sleeved knitted shirt with a floppy collar and pearl buttons perfectly exudes the carefree nonchalance of a wealthy heir living a bohemian life around the Italian Riviera. Mongibello polo by Blugiallo, is an open weave, mid-weight knit polo, meant to be worn as a casual alternative to the shirt whenever needed.

Photo: Blugiallo

The Signet Ring
Gold signet ring with green stone, worn on left pinky is another style move by Dickie who has to make do with a very few outfits throughout the movie. By mixing and matching his various apparel, combined with carefully selected accessories, it looks like he has an ample wardrobe. While the ring does not have to be green or made of gold, it must be carefully considered and highly personal purchase. Our current favorite is made by Adawat'n Tuareg.

Photo: IMDB

The Fragrance
As the summer months descend, most of us want nothing more than to cruise along the Mediterranean coastline with some form of elegant spirit and a lover by our side. No such lifestyle is complete without that perfect fragrance, and it’s the easiest way to create a mood without saying much. One such fragrance is Caron Pour Un Homme. Launched in 1934, it is a favorite by the contemporary style icons, such as Alessandro Squarzi. The top note is lavender, middle note is vanilla, and the base note is musk.
Photo: Notino

The Music
Italian Jazz Experience, the very best of contemporary jazz, a playlist by various artists available on Spotify.

Photo: IMDB