Sartoism: The Traveller Collection


SARTOISM presents the Traveller Collection, a further development of the brand’s proposition of timeless elegance. Signature shirts and new shirt jacket silhouettes have been designed in effortless fabrics and sustainable materials, for years to come.

Handmade in Italy, home to the most skilled ateliers in the world, such as Vanacore Napoli and Adriano Meneghetti our pieces are worn across the globe, from Florence and Marbella to Helsinki and New Delhi.

Photo: Andrea Lo Moro

Our intention was to merge timelessness, functionality and versatility. Things of exquisite beauty, fundamentals of style and function easy to incorporate into any wardrobe.

Photo: Mert Celik

The Traveller Collection is a round-the-world story that finishes up wherever the wearer likes. It features considered fabrics for the modern man that effortlessly move from one place to another.

Introducing our very first Traveller Jacket: designed in breathable 73% virgin wool, 16% silk and 11% linen, high mandarin collar and four front pockets with rounded flap, it evokes a sense of history with a vision for the future.

Photo: Lenn Castillo

SARTOISM continues to build on its proposition of refined luxury, wearable color palette and superior fit.

Photo: Andrea Lo Moro

Photo: Lenn Castillo

The collection is expressed through a wide range of people, places and styles to reflect our vision of timeless elegance. In addition to our own products, we offer a curation of vintage and pre owned watches and sophisticated niche fragrances, available now in limited quantities.

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