The Stylish Guide To Wearing Hats

They say that the hat maketh the man. However, these days hats can be worn in a more casual way and there are several models you need to know. Choose from exclusive felt hats or bucket hats for men, ribbed beanies, traditional fedoras and more daring choices such as French berets. Accessories such as hats support and elevate your wardrobe. Here are some styles for you to consider.

Stoffa Rollable Felt Hat
The Fedora is the most formal hat, typically paired with a suit. It features a wider brim, giving it a more dominating appearance. For a more updated and contemporary look, we recommend a felt style hat paired with a short suede bomber jacket and a lightweight scarf. Famous wearer: Agyesh Madan

Photo: Stoffa

Lund & Lund Cashmere Beanie
For the real winter, there is no better option than a classic, ribbed beanie. Chose the finest quality cashmere, to deliver some eye-catching and much needed colour during the colder months. Famous wearer: Bill Murray

Photo: Jamie Ferguson

Rubato "R" Navy Cap

The so called dad cap model is often characterised by a simple curved-peak design, unstructured body and additional details such as a faded appearance. This is where silhouette matters the most. Baseball caps are usually made with a raised crown, whereas "dad caps" sit lower on the head. Famous wearer: Gene Kelly

Photo: Rubato

Héritage by Laulhère Classic Beret
The classic Basque beret can be traced back centuries, but was popularised in the 1920s and then again in the 1980s thanks to Giorgio Armani. Crafted from refined felted wool and partially lined, the beret features the traditional stalk and leather trim to add further reinforcement. Famous wearer: Shuhei Nishiguchi

Photo: Evgeny KovalenkoPhoto: Evgeny Kovalenko

Sealup Cotton Bucket Hat
The bucket hat is an ideal lockdown wear – great for hiding a headful of curls that has been untouched by the hairdresser for a few months. Its simple design and accessibility has given the hat a longevity that somehow transcends trends, and its long history has been favoured by both fishermen and the rock stars. Famous wearer: Liam Gallagher

Photo: Drake'sPhoto: Drake's