The Magic Of De Petrillo Suits

Photo: BR Online

Naples is according to many, magical and inspiring city that boasts of having one of the finest sartorial traditions in the world. This is where Benedetto De Petrillo got his idea to create unique and adaptable pieces for individuals with a distinct spirit and character. His belief is that a man’s way of dressing should reflect his mood, that is why he studied every garment based on his bespoke client’s needs and wishes.

Photo: BR Online

Strict attention to detail and meticulous research in finding the finest textiles make De Petrillo brand synonymous with timeless style, a result of many years experience and passion of its founder. The suits are a fervent trip through Naples elegant past, reinterpreted with an innovative vision: “De Petrillo piece is a promise of love where innovation, passion and elegance impart an extraordinary emotion” – says Benedetto.

De Petrillo brand is all about Naples, about finding and collecting the experiences through colours and textiles, and the sophistication of the high sartorial practice that is synonymous with their beloved city.

The sartorial secrets of the De Petrillo family have been handed down from father to son to guarantee the highest quality in all the garments they produce. Every garment holds a story that is made with love and uniqueness, created for a man that knows how to distinguish himself in any context.

Photo: BR Online

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They also believe that the best way to enjoy De Petrillo garment is to don it: the more it is worn the more it becomes yours. Faithful to this principle, their tailors conceive pieces of high quality to create the perfect fit. They create something exceptional, but you are the one to make it unique.

Gaiola Napoli is a suave, accessible label from the house of De Petrillo. The brand takes its name from the disarmingly beautiful, yet very accessible, small island overlooking the bay of Naples.