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Using only the best fabrics from the most prominent textile manufacturers in the world, Vanacore shirts are handmade with the finest details – their patterns are cut by hand, with several steps made entirely by hands such as buttonholes, bar tacks, side gusset, and the shoulder stitching. The balance of innovation and handicraft of skilled artisans gives life to outstanding, quality shirts but what really makes Vanacore shirts stand out are their beautifully executed collar models, from S-shaped spread collars to well-crafted, rolling button-downs. Established in 2010, Vanacore Napoli might be a newcomer on the shirt-making scene, but has certainly entered the market with great success and is already stocked in some of the best department stores around the globe.

Like many other Neapolitan businesses, Vanacore is a family-run company. During our recent interview, Mr. Salavatore Nunziata, creative director and co-owner reveals its approach to production and design for the first time.

How do you define the quality of a Vanacore Napoli shirt?

It has always been our pride that the production is entirely done inside our laboratory by highly specialized Italian tailors and seamstresses, remaining attentive to all the details to ensure that each shirt has a unique, high standard. This simply means that each stage of the production, our shirts carry the trace of the tailoring work, from the design to the cut, from the stitching to the hand-embroidered buttonholes.

What are the characteristics traits of your shirts?

When we started out, we developed the fundamental values of the Vanacore philosophy, strengthened by its history and all-Italian tradition. Those values are Innovation, quality, and the level of service. We then try to translate those values into our products. The characteristic traits I would say, are certainly the handmade stitches and the wearability, which recalls the past but with a look at current trends. Hence, innovation with the purpose.

Photo: Vanacore Napoli

How and with what do you wear Vanacore shirt?

We strongly believe in our house style, as it should be both classic and modern at the same time. Depending on the purchase of sports or classic shirts, the Vanacore shirt can and should be used everywhere – with a classic suit, informal trousers, or beneath the casual sport coat. Our business shirts made of the finest poplin can be paired with denim trousers, while our chambray or linen shirts are suitable with a pair of swimming trunks by the sea. This is how I wear them, basically everywhere.

Which shirt collar is the prettiest in your own opinion?

There are three collar designs I am especially proud of; the Sasà, the Valerio, and the Nunzio, each for a different occasion. We love tradition and the Italian approach to a balanced lifestyle. Our collections are the careful study of the most current trends combined with the above-mentioned approach and the focus is always on research and production of a top-quality garment at a price that maximizes its value.

Photo: Vanacore Napoli

What is Vanacore's greatest challenge in terms of the business today?

The shirt, the basic garment for both men and women, has existed in various forms, for thousands of years, in all cultures. Vanacore with its unique style and sophisticated form, represents the elegant man’s shirt, which can be worn at all times of the day, business, or casual. The biggest challenge for our brand today is to assert our values and philosophy on the markets where we’re already present, and try to expand to more parts of the world, without sacrificing the expression of Italian excellence, the accuracy of production and continuous research into details.

Which stores around the globe sell Vanacore and how are you looking to develop your brand in the future?

We are proud of the selection of stores selling Vanacore today, such as Isetan Japan, La Marche in Korea, Lund & Lund in Sweden, Calder Sartoria in Australia, and Gentlemen's Footwear in the U.S., to name a few. Currently, we’re trying to develop the Vanacore brand by focusing on our online shop, custom-made by appointment in Neaples, as well as a constant presence through our partner stores.

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Photo: Vanacore Napoli