Six Versatile Overshirts To Wear In 2020

Photo: King Magazine

The shirt jacket is one of the most versatile items a man can have in his closet. It can be combined with dressed wool pants and loafers for an elegant feel as well as a more well-worn street casual style with jeans and sneakers.

They are thinner than a bomber jacket or field jacket, yet thicker than the average oxford shirt, which makes them a perfect choice for wearing in both warm and cool weather.

The following shortlist of six hand-picked overshirts should set you on the right course.

Shirtonomy Moss Green Overshirt

Photo: Shirtonomy

Drake's Khaki Linen Overshirt

Photo: Drake's

Aspesi Tadao Summer Jacket

Photo: Goods CPH

Morris Ethan Lightweight Olive Jacket

Photo: Man Of A Kind

C.O.F. Military Green Mechanic Shirt

Photo: Man Of A Kind

Barena Cedrone Tralcio Overshirt

Photo: Goods CPH