Simply Irresistible Winter Fragrances

Photo: Maison Margiela

We have earlier explained how the fragrance is built and compiled a list of the ten utterly brilliant and unconventional summer fragrances for men. You might be tempted to stick with a single fragrance all year round, but you should know that when the temperature changes, your body smell changes with it as well.

While lighter, refreshing fragrances go better with the summer months, during fall and winter months you will need a more lasting fragrance that is heavier, woodier and spicier than its spring and summer counterpart.

Fragrance is a vital part of every man’s wardrobe and the right fragrance can up your style level. The more the perfume is concentrated, the longer it will last on your skin. The difference is therefore mainly related to their concentration in raw materials, hence you must understand the difference between Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and the Perfume.

Eau de Cologne
Often made of citrus fruits, EdC is a very light fragrance and relate to about 3% perfume compound in an alcohol/water base. It is simple and mostly suitable to wear in summer or when doing sport activities.

Eau de Toilette
EdT is an alcohol/water based perfume solution containing between 3% and 8% perfume compound. It is more concentrated than EdC, and more often found in perfumeries. How long it will stay, varies from skin to skin and also depends on the quantity of perfume sprayed, normally up to a half a day.

Eau de Parfum
EdP is an alcoholic perfume solution containing between 10% and 15% perfume compound. It is far more concentrated in raw materials and therefore more intense than both the EdC and EdT. EdP is perfect for everyday wear as it will stick to your skin and be noteworthy almost a whole day.

Perfume is the most highly concentrated form of fragrance, containing between 20% and 50% perfume compound. It has the strongest and the longest lasting, the perfume is more powerful but also more subtle. We recommend you to use the Perfume fragrances for the most precious moments as few drops are enough to leave an olfactory print in your wake.

Choosing the right type of fragrance to complete your wardrobe is important, so we compiled a list of the ten irresistible fragrances you can use this fall and winter, including both niche perfumeries and high-end brands.

Memo Paris Irish Leather EdP
Memo Paris Irish Leather is a nod to the Irish origins of the brand's co-founder, this fragrance blends the leather accord with the wintry freshness of juniper berries and green maté absolute. To us, it is not Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair, but pretty much him in all of his other movies. This is a scent of refined masculinity.

Photo: Memo Paris

Lalique Encre Noire Pour Homme EdT
Encre Noir translates to “Black Ink” and the packaging takes that name to heart. Inside the bottle of this wood perfume is a supremely popular men’s fragrance that’s woody right out of the gate with top notes of cypress. A heart of vetiver lends the fragrance an earthy dimension while base notes of musk and cashmere wood reinforce that woody, masculine aura introduced at first whiff.

Photo: Lalique

Gucci Oud EdP
This is a strong, rich and intense unisex fragrance, and its composition contains essence of oud from Laos, which is 100% natural. The opening accords include pear, raspberry and saffron. The heart captures essences of Bulgarian rose and orange blossom, followed by the oriental base of oud, patchouli, amber and musk.

Photo: Gucci

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather EdP
Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather is the epitome of opulence with its exclusive scent. Emerging from the brand's Private Blend collection, the aroma of this fragrance is enriched with olibanum and jasmine, the textures that make up this fragrance gives it a raw, yet refined finish.

Photo: Sephora

Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir EdT
Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir fragrance is clean and subtle, having both depth and sensuality and reminds us of our favourite midnight blue, wool and mohair tuxedo. The spicy accord consists of nutmeg and cardamom and the signature musky heart of this composition is complemented by a woody accord of blue cedar and black ebony.

Photo: Narciso Rordiguez

Maison Margiela "Replica" Jazz Club EdT
This has been our "go-to” fragrance for several winters. The base notes of vanilla and tobacco leaf are mixed with top notes of pink pepper, lemon and neroli oil. This fragrance is distinct and heavy, yet not overpowering, but will always catch attention in a sweet but masculine way.

Photo: Maison Margiela

Marc-Antoine Barrois B683 EdP
The idea behind this fragrance is the childhood memories by two designers. Remembering captivating scents of the leather from an elegant attaché case and of the distinct smells of wood during the regular gathering of fuel to warm the family home. Together they created linear but pleasant niche fragrance with the notes of spices, leather and wood.

Photo: Marc-Antoine Barrois

Terre d'Hermès EdP
Terre d’Hermès EdP evokes a Mediterranean orange grove under the baking sun like no other. However, with the cedar notes, oak moss and vetiver added, it also carry forestry connotations that make this a perfect choice for the autumn and winter. This fragrance retains a brilliant warmth and sensual essence, evoking both brightens and grounds in its palette.

Photo: Hermes

Bleu De Chanel EdP
Bleu De Chanel is a wonderful scent due to its woodsy notes that blend citrus to make it crisp, clean, and is sure to turn heads, becoming almost an instant classic. It is also available as the EdT which feels more as a summer version of the same scent. We recommend the EdP because it smells more creamy and indulgent for colder months.

Photo: Chanel

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon EdP
This is a sporty fragrance, reminiscent of Dior Sauvage, combining the raw energy with the lightness of the most delicate breeze. Its unusual combination of elements with resonant metallic tones consists of lavender, spearmint and sage, with base notes of wood and amber.

Photo: Prada