Sartorial Western Belts

Photo: Adriano Meneghetti

In recent years, western trend was scattered across both runways and Instagram feeds, enthusiastically embraced by legendary fashion houses like Ralph Lauren as well as independent workwear brands such as Alessandro Squarzi's Fortela.

Casual leather belts are one of the best ways to break up a separates look and our personal favorite are western belts. We don't recommend to use them with suits but keeping trousers aloft is vital for a great look and can also be a personal statement. We have picked the best western belts right now to wear with your casual sport coat, flannel trousers or a field jacket. 

Silver Ostrich Torquoise Collection Belt

Photo: Silver Ostrich

Adriano Meneghetti Palladium Black Belt

Photo: Adriano Meneghetti

Fortela Navajo Black Suede Belt

Photo: Fortela

Bunker Dark Brown Western Belt

Photo: Bunker

Eleventy Crocodile Hand-dyed Belt

Photo: Eleventy