Perfect Vacation Wardrobe

Photo: The Resort Co

A new addition to SARTOISM, The Resort Co was founded in 2018 with the mission to craft the perfect vacation wardrobe with a focus on high quality, slow production and usage of the best and most sustainable materials.

We sat down with the founders of The Resort Co to discuss the origins of the brand and their personal favorites from the collection.

What is the story behind The Resort Co brand and where did you find inspiration?

In the middle of a very warm summer vacation in Tuscany, we got the idea to start a sustainable vacation wear brand for men. We had trouble finding vacation wear that we liked, so we thought we could bring something to the market. Eager as we were, we took a break from vacationing with our families and drove around Tuscany to visit few factories. We found this picturesque family-owned footwear factory and that is when The Resort Co went from idea to something real. A year after that we launched our first products; exclusive flip-flop sandals – made in that very factory in the Tuscan countryside.

Photo: The Resort Co

You seem to be a very eco-conscious brand and your products very well thought out. Tell us about your production process and design details?

Since we first launched the brand, sustainability has been part of its DNA. We always try to pick the most qualitative and eco-friendly materials and we value artisanal principles. All our products are handcrafted in Italy, Spain, and Portugal and we source all materials in the same region.

We also aim to be sustainable in our design. We try to develop timeless products that can be used and loved for many years. The Resort Co is not a fashion brand that follows the latest trends, instead we value classic style. Therefore, our aim is to perfect the vacation wardrobe classics and make the best and most sustainable products possible.

What are your own three favourite products from the recent collection and why?

We are really proud of all our products but if we have to pick three it would be our Ivy Green Tailored Swim Shorts – they have the perfect tone of green and a luxurious brushed finish. They work just as well in the pool as for the afternoon walk on the promenade. They are made in Seaqual fabric, a premium polyester that is made with upcycled plastics recovered from the Mediterranean. It really is the best fabric for that type of swim shorts, and it is good for the environment.

Photo: The Resort Co

Our Classic Espadrilles must be the best espadrilles out there. A perfected last, supple suede and a comfortable insole makes them elegant and super wearable. Our favourite colour is Terra.

Photo: The Resort Co

The Hacienda Sunglasses look good on everyone. The have the perfect square-shaped frame in lightweight acetate. They are handmade in the Cadore region of Italy, known for making Europe’s best eyewear since the 19th century.

Photo: The Resort Co

You started with flip-flops and then expanded into sunglasses and swim shorts, what can we expect from The Resort Co in terms of new product lines in 2022?

We started with flip-flops but always had the idea that we wanted to be a full men's resort wear brand. For next summer we are launching more products in all categories. For example, we are launching a small linen collection with Solbiati – one of the world’s foremost linen mills. The Linen Resort kit with matching resort shirt and drawstring shorts will be our everyday attire next summer. We are also doing a terry collection in organic cotton and some really nice beach towels in collaboration with new brand Muyê.

Which markets are you looking into now and where can we expect to find The Resort Co in the future?

We have a global setup and people from all over the world have ordered through our own website. Scandinavia, UK and US are our biggest markets as of today, but we are constantly growing. We just launched together with our first reseller in Thailand, The Decorum – an inspiring menswear shop in Bangkok offering a curated selection of the best artisanal brands. And of course, there is SARTOISM.

Finally, what’s your personal philosophy on style?

For us, the most important aspect of style is to feel comfortable. Not in the sweatpants type of way but comfortable with what we wear and how we look. We prefer a timeless look where we hopefully can look back at old photos without feeling too embarrassed over our clothes.