The Army Chino

Photo: Lund & Lund

An Impossibly Cool Task
Early this year we asked Lund & Lund to help design an army chino to be worn in many different ways. It had to work well with street casual style consisting of crewneck sweaters, safari shirts, denim shirts and small leather belts.

The brief was simple, yet demanding—a trouser that could have been worn by the young Marlon Brando. No fuss or ostentation, just another sartorial classic that he imbued with his radically cool attitude.


Lund & Lund 'Method'
Brando was all about the basics, but his style was ferocious, unpredictable, and totally invigorated. To achieve this, Lund & Lund looked into their own archives from the 1960s and found designs which were popular at the time, that could be updated with contemporary fabric and details.

While they don't want you to directly emulate young Marlon Brando, acquiring one of these classic pieces in a new cloth, will certainly allow you to find a way to make it your own, just as the legendary actor did in his ‘method’ acting.

Photo: Lund & Lund

Why It Works
Firstly, these are casual ready-to-wear trousers. Featuring belt loops, high rise and straight leg, they will look great on all body types. Refined details such as split waistband, 5 cm rolled-up cuff that can be extended for tall guys, two slant pockets with one coin pocket inside and a zip closure will make them useful for pairing with any of your casual items.

Secondly, they are made in Italy with a soft 310 grams cotton fabric, to be machine washed, practical and comfortable for three seasons per year. Available in two color options, cold khaki and dark green, these chinos will be only getting better with age.


Where Can You Buy Them
These are available in Lund & Lund physical store in Stockholm as well as in our online store through the links below.