Keep Dry In Style With A Classic Car Coat

Photo: Baltzar

One of the smartest as well as the elegant outerwear choices a man can purchase is the car coat. It was originally designed in the early 1900s, to provide maximum warmth and coverage automobile drivers and their passengers. Over time car coat became a much shorter garment and today typically ends at mid thigh.

Both British and Italian manufacturers are world-leading specialists who have been making car coats for a long time. Herno, company based in Lesa, north of Milan, has a rich tradition of making car coats and rainwear for some of the world's premier fashion houses. Over the past few years the focus has shifted to their own label, with an innovatove collection named "Herno Laminar". Other notable brands are Valstar, Mackintosh, Private White VC, Aspesi and a Swedish newcomer, Blugiallo.

It’s crucial that the coat protects the wearer against the elements. While the length and the right material such as gabardine are classic choices, lightweight technical fabrics offers ease of movement with elegant cut and drape. Comfort is also very important and that’s why the cut has to be perfect, while the quality production ensures the coat’s longevity.

Keep dry in style with an elegant car coat, here's a look at a few options.

Aspesi Garment Dyed Navy Car Coat

Photo: Jupiter

Herno Navy Laminar Car Coat

Photo: Baltzar

Cavour Flannel Car Coat

Photo: Cavour

Blugiallo MTM Navy Car Coat

Photo: Blugiallo

Uniqlo Single Breasted Navy Coat

Photo: Uniqlo