Guide To Buying Wallets

Photo: Mismo

A wallet is not a necessity for men anymore, as most of us no longer keep our cash, credit cards, and business cards organised in such a way. Instead, a wallet can be a stylish accessory or even a statement item – something that represents your own personality and style. This is why you should consider spending a decent amount of time and effort to find the right one, as it is an accessory that can otherwise ruin your entire look. 

Choosing the right size of the wallet is even more important, because a thick wallet isn’t necessarily an attractive look as it creates a bulge in the wrong areas of your clothes. Hence, a neat wallet is usually the best buying option for most men, especially when used for both casual and formal events. 

Wallets come in a variety of materials, but we strongly recommend dark brown or black finish leather to best match what you wear most of the time and add an element of sophistication. In this article, we’ve listed a few of our favourite choices.

Valextra Brown Simple Grip Spring Wallet

Photo: Valextra

Mismo M/S Navy/Dark Brown Cardholder

Photo: Mismo

Ettinger Capra Black Slim Card Case

Photo: Ettinger

Goyard Goyardine Victoire Wallet

Photo: Goyard

Aspinal Of London ID & Travel Card Holder

Photo: Aspinal Of London