Four Trends That Will Define Menswear In 2021

Photo: H|A Agency

Last year was tough on the menswear industry as many brands and retailers experienced shutdowns due to Covid-19. However, 2020 was big for streetwear but also wearing comfy, athleisure collections right from our own homes to video conference calls. As the 2021 will be a fresh start for all of us, we'll see new trends emerging in the fashion industry such as neons, the 1970’s style, faux leather, florals and pastel colours. Yet, following seasonal trends blindly is a recipe for poor style.

The key to retaining your sartorial self-respect lies in the ability to successfully differentiate between the short-lived fads and the future classics. In order to give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve listed four menswear trends that will define this year and the years to come.

Business Classic

Recently, WFH fashion trends have boosted demand for casual clothes, but seriously dented sales of formal clothes such as suits, shirts and ties. Yet, once a vaccine is properly secured, most people will likely want to dress up and go out, travel and meet in-person rather than via a video conference. People will dress no to impress anybody else but themselves. Formal garments will no longer be considered for meetings and events. Instead, they will become go-to pieces to make bold statement outside of special occasions. The suit will become shorthand for nonchalance and swagger—the elevation of the casual into elegance.

Brands: Cesare AttoliniLiverano & LiveranoRing JacketDe Petrillo, Stefano Bemer, Saint Gregory, Vanacore


Casual Elegance

Whether he's wearing corduroys, flannels, jeans or chinos, a well-dressed man will always wear a sport coat or blazer that is tailored to perfection. The idea here is simple: Modern classics made with impeccable quality will transcends generations. A lightweight polo knit paired with unlined suede loafers and off-white cotton slacks will look just as sensational on a man in his 50s as it would on his 20-year old son. Add a bespoke hopsack blazer and you’re ready to conquer the world.

Brands: Orazio LucianoBlugiallo, Boglioli, P Johnson, Saman Amel, PT Torino


Luxury Sport

It’s impossible to say where we’ll be one year from now but chances are athleisure and luxury sportswear are likely to be trending hard. If that's the case we'd love to propose a level-up, hand-picked wardrobe consisting of cashmere sweaters, technical gilets, drawstring pants and comfy casual footwear. The kind of clothing that will get you on the best-dressed list even during conference calls with your co-workers.

Brands: Brunello Cucinelli, Doriani, Mandelli, Stoffa, Valstar, Eleventy, Sease


Street Casual

Last couple of years, menswear designers have been designing with form and function in mind, creating pieces that are not only stylish and comfortable but purposeful as well. This utilitarian style, which sees practical, military garments reimagined as designer gear appears mostly in variations of utility vests, cargo pants, overshirts and coats. To achieve unique look, we recommend you adding few vintage military and workwear items to the recently produced technical jackets, shell cordovan shoes, and selvedge denim expanding the legacy that defined masculinity of a bygone era.

Brands: Tricker's , Alden, Aspesi, Casatlantic, Christian Kimber, Fortela, Rubato