Five Thin Scarfs To Try This Autumn

Photo: The Armoury

There’s a lot to like about wearing scarf in autumn. It's cozy, playful and stylish at the same time. Whether you choose classic paisley or more creative tones like burgundy and bronze in linen and silk blends, autumn calls for bold statement-making fringed choices.

As the weather starts getting colder, warm colours in scarfs match the hues of fall, but if you are lucky enough to live south of Cairo, look out for loose, open-weave fibres that breathe well in cold colours such as blue, green or grey.

Here are five scarfs to try this autumn, as well as some iterations from our online store so that you can bring any outfit to life.

Liverano Cashmere Lollipop Scarf

Photo: Drop 93

Drake's Vintage Paisley Wool And Silk Scarf

Photo: Michael Jondral

Petronius 1926 Denim Blue Carreé Scarf

Photo: Michael Jondral

Altea Grey Patterned Wool Scarf

Photo: Hirmer

Granqvist Multi Floral Wool Scarf

Photo: Granqvist