Five Suits To Freshen Up Your Business Wardrobe

Photo: Ring Jacket

A dark blue suit is always stylish and elegant. At the same time, it is never boring. This is why we believe that every man should have at least one dark blue suit.

There are always occasions when a suit is needed, not only in business meetings but also on festive occasions such as weddings and celebrations. There is a misconception that dark blue would be a less formal color. A coat is preferably black, but when it comes to suits, dark blue has the same status as black and gray. The degree of formality depends on fabric choice. While the black sets extremely high demands on the material not to be shiny, and dark gray easily becomes rather dull, a dark blue suit always feels elegantly relaxed and enjoyable.

In addition, dark blue is a color that literally suits everyone. Black and gray easily make people look pale, while dark blue always gives an elegant impression. The color also allows for more combination options. Those who often wear jeans and a blazer to business meetings should really consider replacing them with a dark blue suit. It makes a huge difference.

This is good news for your office wardrobe, which you can update in a way that feels fresh and modern without looking stiff. Here are five suits to sharpen up your business wardrobe this season.

Cesare Attolini Navy Wool Super150 suit

Photo: Cesare Attolini

Orazio Luciano Navy Blue Fresco Suit

Photo: Orazio Luciano

Ring Jacket Navy Calm Twist Suit

Photo: Ring Jacket

Caruso Navy Blue Boheme Suit

Photo: Gabucci

Blugiallo Blue Traveller Hopsack Suit

Photo: Blugiallo