Five Military-Style Field Jackets Available Right Now

Photo: Informale

The M-1965 field jacket is a straight front, cold weather coat made of water-repellent fabrics. Initially designed for the United States military under the MIL-C-43455 standard, it is now often worn by elegant people around the world as an outerwear alternative to ever-changing weather.

If you need to add a classic staple to your wardrobe, then a field jacket is your best choice. We have selected five best military-style field jackets available right now.

Informale J002 Jungle Jacket

Photo: Informale
Stoffa 003 Suede Field Jacket

Photo: Stoffa
Aspesi M65 Replica Jacket

Photo: Gabucci
Deadstock US Army M-65 Field Jacket

Photo: Broadway & Sons
The Real McCoy's M-65 Field Jacket

Photo: Frans Boone