Five Books That Will Change Your Sartorial Life

Photo: Timeless Man

Francis Bacon said, "Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly."

Once the current lockdown ends you might consider refreshing your business wardrobe. With that in mind, here are five books that will change your sartorial life and enable you to see things in a new light.

The Italian Gentleman by Hugo Jacomet
In the world of fashion, Italy is the Mount Everest of men’s style. Beyond its global fashion brands, the soul of Italian style is found in the workshops and boutiques of the established masters and artisans who for generations have created the finest menswear on the planet.

Gentleman: A Timeless Guide To Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel
It is possible to argue about taste--but not about true style. A gentleman can be recognized immediately from his confident appearance, his charm, and his carefully chosen clothes. Gentleman is the tried-and-tested guide on matters of style and quality.

The Style Guide by Simon Crompton
This book is constructed as a series of street-style shots featuring some of the most stylish people in the menswear industry. But unlike most style books, it focuses on practical analysis of every image, picking up why the outfit works in terms of texture, colour or cut.

Icons Of Men's Style by Josh Sims
This book focuses on the most essential pieces that have helped shape menswear throughout history. Each iconic item is meticulously picked apart to give you insight into how it came to be, the role it had in menswear, and why it is not just important, but iconic.

Ralph Lauren: Revised And Expanded Anniversary Edition by Ralph Lauren
The word iconic gets thrown around frequently without context, but when it comes to Ralph Lauren, it’s truly applicable. There’s a reason why he’s loomed so large within the industry for as long as he has–and if you’re unsure as to why–this book is a good a place as any to learn.