Eleventy Spring/Summer 2020

Photo: Eleventy

Spring/Summer 2020 collection by Eleventy is a pure 1950's nostalgia. Key inspiration comes from the college-style leather jackets as well as the cult movies Grease and Happy Days. Enriched by the sartorial craftsmanship, details are emphasized by using fabric on sleeves, collar, and cuffs.

Eleventy produces everything in Italy, through a network made up of 94 micro enterprises selected in every region of the country, each specialized in a particular sector of production. Through this strategy of sourcing the traditional Italian craftsmanship, they can offer customers all the quality and excellence of Made in Italy.

Sustainability is also in focus as climate change demands global solutions. Eleventy contributes in their own way, leveraging collections based on sustainable and intelligent innovation, including the continuous research in order to reach the decisive “zero impact” level in their production system.

Photo: EleventyPhoto: Eleventy

Photo: Eleventy

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