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Photo: PT Torino

The vibrant atmosphere and outstanding creative fervor of Italy in the 1960's are the background for the birth of Pantaloni Torino. Founded in Turin by Mr. Pierangelo Fassino, PT evolved from a thriving family business and a fabric wholesaler into a global trouser specialist. The company kept growing throughout the following decades and in the 2000s the time was ripe to spark a new stage in its development.

In 2019, Pantaloni Torino rebranded as PT Torino to improve its brand awareness and perception as an international, contemporary and trendsetting brand. The company is now a major player on the global fashion playground, selling its products in over 40 countries worldwide and owning five showrooms in Milan, Tokyo, Munich, New York and Turin.

Photo: PT Torino

Since Domenico Gianfrate stepped in as a Creative Director for PT Torino, the brand has been exceptionally busy. We have been fans of the PT Torino brand for the last ten years, purchasing mostly from Rose & Born and Lund & Lund in Stockholm. Recently, we have seen new models that are truly amazing. Determined to know more about new collection and the inspiration behind it, we reached to Mr. Gianfrate himself.

PT Torino was known for years as one of the best trouser makers in the world. What makes a good pair of trousers, in your opinion?

In my opinion a good pair of trousers must always include three things: great quality, superior fabric and fit that is contemporary yet eclectic.

Recently we had a chance to try on the “The Writer” model at the Lund & Lund store. What is the reason behind the recent popularity of wider leg trousers?

I believe that a leader like PT Torino has to meet different market needs whereby some of consumers want also a wider leg trousers. The Writer is a sturdy yet sophisticated model from our ReWorked capsule, that we have started this SS20. It includes a contemporary collection of luxury casual pieces inspired by iconic trouser styles.

PT Torino Navy Denim Cotton Trousers

Photo: Lund & Lund 

How do you define difference between the Japanese and Scandinavian market for your brand?

They both include very elegant consumers in a different ways. To me, Scandinavian market is more conservative, while Japanese market is faster to understand and adopt to the new and innovative styles we propose with PT Torino. However, I am very keen of both markets as they represent our different consumers segments.

Obviously, you have expanded the collection beyond trousers, including ladies fashion. Can you describe your work with PT Torino’s latest collection and the inspiration behind it? 

In my role as a Creative Director and Worldwide Commercial Director for PT Torino, I started looking at new opportunities. We are happy to have great success with our Denim and Women collections, which I helped to introduce. I am sure we can grow further and be even more relevant, as my inspiration comes from the people in the streets as well as contemporary culture that I'm passionate about.

What’s your prediction for 2021 due to recent Covid-19 setbacks in the fashion industry? Which industry trends are fading and which are beginning to gain traction? 

For sure COVID-19 created many problems, but we decided to think positively and be proactive. We started SS21 sales with good results and we see the increase with our denim, so I am very satisfied so far. In terms of trends that we see in the market, there will be a less formal way of dressing as people work more from home and we try to adapt our collections to their needs.

Photo: PT Torino

You are well-known as a style icon globally in your own capacity. Who or what influenced your own style, your tattoos, footwear and accessories choices?

I liked fashion and style since I was very young. My mother was a seamstress, so I learned to love the fabrics and the skill of making clothes from her. I also love music, movies, art, and allow all these things to influence my creative and my personal life.

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