Celebration Of Craftsmanship

Photo: Orazio Luciano

Recently, Giorgio Armani praised a slower fashion movement and announced his plans to realign collections with seasons in his stores worldwide. His reflection on how absurd the current state of fashion is, with the overproduction of garments and nonalignment between the weather and the commercial season, is truly inspiring.

The Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to slow down and realign menswear; to define a more meaningful landscape focusing on design, craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability. Therefore, we have hand-picked a few inspiring items made by some of the finest craftspeople around the world as the celebration of craftsmanship and a more human approach to clothing and footwear.

Orazio Luciano Olive Jacket In Virgin Wool

Photo: Orazio Luciano

Levi's Made & Crafted 501 Kasbah Jeans

Photo: Care Of Carl

Morjas Penny Sand Suede Loafer

Photo: Morjas

Blugiallo Solbiati Beige Linen Shirt

Photo: Blugiallo

Rolex Cellini Ref. 50509

Photo: Rolex

Ex Nihilo Vetiver Moloko 50 ml

Photo: Ex Nihilo

Chimi Litchi #007 Transparent Sunglasses

Photo: Chimi Eyewear