Trousers Of Our Fathers

Nathaniel, founder of CasatlanticElie Asseraf to the left, Casablanca, 1946

Nathaniel Asseraf is already a familiar name to many menswear enthusiasts. He previously worked at Ralph Lauren in Paris and also run the family business, Broadway & Sons focusing on vintage military clothing out of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Recently, Nathaniel founded his own brand, Casatlantic inspired by his grandfather Elie, born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1930. At that time, Casablanca was under a strong presence of the American and French military forces. Elie developed an interest in tailored clothing and military uniforms as well as the outfits he'd seen in American movies starring Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and Errol Flynn.​

At the end of WWII and the withdrawal of military forces, Elie and his friends would wander the streets of Casablanca dressed like G.I.'s and legionnaires in khaki uniforms and boiler suits, slowly building up a wardrobe inspired by what he saw on people that came to Casablanca from across the Atlantic.

Photo: Casatlantic

Casatlantic aims to revive the spirit of the past, notably expressed through tailoring and uniforms. Taking inspiration by the cultural richness of mid-century Casablanca, the city where the Asseraf family originates from and lived for more than four centuries before leaving motherland to settle in France, Sweden, and the U.S. Extraordinary campaign photos by Milad Abedi.

Tanger - Officer's Cut
Named after the city of Tangiers and inspired by the chino worn by french officers in north Africa in the 1950s, Tanger is Casatlantic's widest cotton chino and features a high rise, double forward-facing pleats, and 24 cm (9.5") leg opening.

Photo: Milad Abedi

Mogador - Tailor's Cut
Named after the Atlantic coast city of Morocco, now known as Essaouira. Mogador, referred to as the Tailor's Cut is made with the same attention to detail as vintage British tailoring.  

Photo: Milad Abedi

El Jadida - Explorer's Cut
Named after the port city of Morocco, El Jadida is Casatlantic's take on a narrow fit chino with a high rise and zip fly, inspired by 1960s naval "vogue".

Photo: Milad Abedi

Tanger Shorts
Cut identically as the Tanger trouser version. High rise, double forward-facing pleats, and wide-leg is what defines the cut.

Photo: Milad Abedi

Mogador Shorts
Referred to as the Tailor's Cut this is a straight fit and high waisted pair of shorts strongly influenced by British army tailoring.

Photo: Milad Abedi

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