21st Century Tailoring

Illustration: Blugiallo

Seven years ago, two Swedish friends sat at the restaurant Trattoria dal Biassanot in Bologna, Italy. During the dinner, a flawlessly dressed older man steps into the room. The discussion between the two friends quickly faded out as all attention was instead directed to the man, his well-tailored, double-breasted suit that uttered of classic Italian elegance. He then disappeared through the door, leaving the two friends to their own thoughts.

The following discussion between them suddenly faded from football to the fact that some things were better before – in this case craftsmanship, tradition and quality when it comes to clothing. Why, they asked each other.

Their conclusion was that it is neither convenient nor particularly wallet friendly to run to the old fashioned tailor and commission new clothes in the traditional way. A solution to the challenge started to take shape – maybe it was possible to combine this fantastic, traditional craftsmanship and offer it through a modern and digital service, focusing on personal service according to the customer’s needs and preferences?

Illustration: Blugiallo

There and then, Blugiallo was born, due to the two friends’ unsubtle fondness for Italy and its traditional crafts and Swedish way of crafting digital experiences – they called their tailoring program “21st Century Tailoring”.

The tailoring program is based on custom made production where Blugiallo creates your personal fit. You can either meet an expert at their shoowrooms or during one of our pop up events. At this appointment they will take you through their fitting service and let your preferences be combined with their expertise within fitting. When a unique fit is created, the experts are happy to advise you to your first custom made order.

Illustration: Blugiallo

If you don’t have the chance to meet Blugiallo at their showrooms, then there is an online option for you. Blugiallo Online Tailoring provides a digital measuring service where your body measurements are converted into an actual product fit by using their expertise and your personal preferences.

When producing a made to measure garment, quality is of great importance. Blugiallo works with the world’s leading weavers and their products are made in accordance with all the traditions and regulations of the Italian tailoring craftsmanship. This combination enables them to offer you as the customer the very best in terms of product quality.

A Blugiallo garment is always produced according to each customers own individual needs and preferences. To them, the shifting trends of the fashion industry (colour, shape and cut) are less important. They produce garments that are tailored and designed to fit you. Therefore, your own preferences, needs and lifestyle is what matters to the Blugiallo team.

Illustration: Blugiallo

Blugiallo tailoring team strives from the opportunity to help their customers build and maintain a more qualitative, personal and sustainable wardrobe. They believe in a future where sustainability, individual needs, preferences and personal service are the focus of customer's clothing choices. Their vision “21st Century Tailoring” is the way of promising themselves and their customers, to always work towards the goal of uniting traditional craftsmanship with a modern and digital customer experience.

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