5 Key Principles Of A Perfect Wardrobe

Photo: The Anthology

For many, having great style and dressing according to the latest trends is one and the same. More often than not it results in full closets and not so sustainable approach of the fast fashion industry to satisfy a demand for instant gratifications and quick fixes.

We have all been there. This is why we developed this small list of key principles designed to help you cultivate a strong personal style and build a long-term, functional wardrobe.

1. Selectivity
Your wardrobe should only include pieces that you love and use 100 procent. Being more selective when you purchase new pieces is the single most effective thing you can do towards the perfect wardrobe.

2. Authenticity
Typologies like "Classic" or "Casual elegance" are worth nothing if you don't develop your own unique look. If you love button-down shirts it does not mean you must embrace total preppy look. Your wardrobe should always be a reflection of your own style.

3. Quality
Few high-quality pieces that last more than just a few years is the key to a perfect wardrobe. It is more sustainable, fits better and evolves your personal style while saving you money long-term.

4. Style Over Fashion
There will always be fashion trends and it is fine to be excited about them. However, you should never follows the trends. Instead, look for what flatters your body type and represents your current lifestyle. Add a trendy item as a small detail or accessory to your long-term wardrobe and you'll always be 'in'.

5. Time & Thought
To develop your own style and have a perfect wardrobe requires you to invest time and thought, selecting pieces that will work for multiple occasions, outfits and seasons.

No matter what your own wardrobe looks like right now, you can start perfecting it today and even have fun doing so. Think of people you most admire for their style. They aren't following every trend and dress in designer pieces from head to toe. They often have strong sense of style and over the years develop a clear signature look. Here are three modern style icons we admire.

The Anthology

The Anthology

Shuhei Nishiguchi

Photo: Shuhei Nishiguchi

Lenn Castillo

Photo: Lenn Castillo